P   r   o   f   i   l   e
Digital Audio Video Systems Corp. (DAVS), a member of the Ghul-Group, was founded in 1990 to supply, install, support and service, high end consumer Audio equipment, Professional Audio Recording Equipment, Sound Reinforcement Equipment, Public Address Equipment, CCTV Systems, Audio and Video Broadcast Equipment, Microwave Links and Non Linear Editing Systems.

DAVS currently distributes a good range of audio and video equipment form many reputable and known suppliers worldwide.

Line of business :

Broadcast and Professional Audio and Video Systems.

Non-Linear Editing Systems.

Computer Graphics and Animation Systems for Broadcast and Professional use.

Consumer Audio and Video Equipment.

Low Current Systems; PA Systems and CCTV.

Sound Reinforcement Equipment.

DJ Equipment.

Lighting Equipment.

Specialized Electronic and Electrical Equipment.

Educational Electronic Systems; Language Learning Systems, Computer Based Training.